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Why Visit IMTEC 2019 ?

Why should you visit IMTEC?

Why Visit IMTEC OMAN 2019?

OBSERVE key competitors and discover how to gain an advantage in the market.

EXPLORE exciting medical travel destinations - source various medical services from many countries.

MAKE new contacts and set up revenue channels in the region.

BENCHMARK the quality of services that you provide to your patients.

See an extensive range of the latest products, services, equipment, and technology in the

healthcare market.

Learn about industry developments and trends.

Be part of the pioneer and only healthcare show in Oman endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

Be involved in a show organized by the company carrying the distinction of having the most number

of internationally recognized events.

Visitors Profile

IMTEC Oman 2018 attracts a wide range of visitors across the spectrum of healthcare including:

Decision Makers.

Doctors & Surgeons.

Procurement specialist from hospitals.

Distributors & agents of medical equipments.


Research institutes & clinical laboratories.

Healthcare organizations.

Medical services providers.

Government institutions.

Health insurance companies.

General and specialized medicine.


General Practitioners & healthcare professionals.

Health & Fitness Therapists.

Travel agents & Operators.

Private Hospitals & Clinics.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinics.

Complementary Therapists.

General Public.

Medical technicians.

Pharmacies and drug manufacturers.

Physiotherapy centers.

Community health services.

Educational institutions.

Media and publications.

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